• Collage of three views of the Jecklin Float - cardboard with logo + Float, Made in Switzerland, then device itself and another view with inscription
  • Float QA - electrostatic headphone with powersupply

    Jürg Jecklin in his younger years with the Jecklin disc

    The inventor Jürg Jecklin also made a name for himself with his "Jecklin disc".

    In short, it is used to record stereo information in the OSS technique (OSS=Optimum Stereo Signal).

    Entwicklung der QUAD Musikwiedergabe in der Eifel - der Float QA

    the successor - the Float QA

    the new Float QA is a joint development of QUAD Musikwiedergabe together with Jürg Jecklin

    there are different power supplies with which it can be operated.



    Jürg Jecklin mit Float QA

    the developer Jürg Jecklin

    still from development, the new Float QA

    the carrying handle of the Float QA has been optimized in the meantime


    Älterer Mann mit knalloranger Brille und einem eckigen Jecklin Float Kopfhörer schaut in die Kamera

    Interview with Jürg Jecklin - the new Float QA

    The new float Jürg Jecklin brings the Float QA Hans Jürg Baum spoke with Jürg Jecklin at the Klangschloss 2012. Topic:The "new" Float QA, which could not only be seen but also heard. Article...

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    Transdyn - A concert hall in the living room

    A concert hall in the living room or in the headphones - doesthat exist? Transdyn - amplifier and power supply. Together with a high-quality volume control and theTransdyn system, the result is a...

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    Schwarzweißfoto eines jungen Manns im Tonstudio, mit längerem lockigem Haar und breiten Schnauzbart

    The Jecklin-disc

    Brief description of the Jecklin disc: The Jecklin disc, briefly described, is a disc that serves as a separator for recording stereoinformation in the OSS technique (OSS=Optimum Stereo Signal).

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    The Jecklin Float in the original version

    The Jecklin FLOAT model series describe the head loudspeakers from the "original Float" to the dynamic models  When Jürg Jecklin came onto the market with the FLOAT in 1971, hardly anyone could...

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    The new Float 
    Jürg Jecklin introduces the Float QA

    Jecklin introduced the Float, the first "open" headphones, in 1972


    Shortly after the release of your "open" Float, other manufacturers came out with open headphones. Who stole what from whom?

    Nobody stole anything. The idea was in the air, and I just happened to realize it a little earlier than others.


    Excerpt from the interview with Jürg Jecklin on the occasion of the Klangschloss 2012

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