Transdyn - A concert hall in the living room

A concert hall in the living room or in the headphones - does
that exist?

Transdyn - amplifier and power supply. Together with a high-quality volume control and the
Transdyn system, the result is a perfect and compact all-in-one solution for the recording studio and the living room. Switchable from
loudspeaker to headphones

The question must be answered with "no". Because your previous system cannot transmit true to
the original.
The main problem in recording and reproducing music is the transformation of an acoustic concert
hall event into the undistorted reproduction in a living room, because the spatial event in the concert
hall can only be captured in two stereo channels and reproduced with only two loudspeakers in the
much smaller living room. In addition, the playback in the living room is at a reduced volume
(compared to the original). In addition, the visual impression that one has in the concert hall is

The constant discussion about the quality and correctness of music recordings shows that people still don't have a grip on it.

This is where Jürg Jecklin's TRANSDYN method comes in.
TRANSDYN is a psychoacoustic-based method that takes into account all the differences between
attending a concert and "listening to the recording" in the living room in the best possible way.

How does TRANSDYN work?

  1. The reduced playback volume in the living room requires a "loudness correction" in the entire dynamic range of the music for a maximum volume of 82-85 dB due to the volume-dependent frequency response characteristics of the auditory system.
  2. A reduced forte volume is not directly perceived as unnatural. However, a correspondingly reduced piano volume is unnaturally quiet. Under certain circumstances, a piano can already come close to the hearing threshold. In most cases, however, a reduced piano will be masked by the background noise in the room and thus inaudible. During playback, the original piano volume must therefore be restored.
  3. The missing visual impression can and must be replaced by an acoustic clarification. The masking effect of the auditory system must be taken into account. Therefore, the frequency ranges that are masked are emphasised during playback. In addition, the sound image can be clarified and contoured by dividing the impulses.

All in all, every recording with TRANSDYN sounds right in every living room. It sounds clearer, more distinct, more spectacular and, above all, more natural.

In the early days, the TRANSDYN unit was built as a stand-alone unit and you could "loop" it into your own hi-fi system. Today, the QUAD music reproduction unit supplies its own amplifier with which, in addition to the main loudspeakers, you can also operate the new Jecklin FLOAT QA headphones. The TRANSDYN system is built right into it. It can be easily adjusted to the individual situation in the living room.


"From the conversations with Jürg, it became clear time and again that Jürg Jecklin as a  sound engineer was always interested in conveying the experience that the paying concertgoers had. A purely technical 1:1 recording of the musical event was out of the question.
With the Transdyn system, the playback in the living room comes a good deal closer to the concert."
Manfred Stein


powersupply and Float QA headphone
the Float QA with normal feed section


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