Jecklin Float Restoration

"Ur jecklin float" with plexiglass bracket

Jecklin Float Restoration:

Restoration of the classic originals is still possible and sensible decades later.

The considerations that led Jürg Jecklin to build the first FLOAT headphones over half a century ago are still highly topical today. QUAD MUSIKWIEDERGABE GmbH takes care of the professional restoration. Every owner of an old FLOAT can send in his headphones together with the power supply and will receive a short report about the condition together with a recommendation for repair or restoration including a cost estimate.

In most cases, after decades, it is a question of replacing damaged foam pads with new ones. If the electrostatic transducers themselves are no longer in good order, they can be exchanged for newly produced transducers. After that, old original FLOAT headphones are again ready for use with a likewise revised original power supply. Technically, it is better to use the FLOAT in the future on one of the new power supply units (developed to operate the new FLOAT QA).
If you have any questions, please send us an email or call us at 02654 987977.

If you dare to do the work yourself, you can order a complete foam set incl. special glue and instructions for the replacement via the QUAD MUSIKWIEDERGABE shop.